What is climate and how it is different from weather?

What is climate?

In order to understand the climate, we must know what the weather is. Weather is the current state of the atmosphere in a given region. weather can change from season to season,  hour to hour, and day to day. If the current weather is Sunny , then after a few hours it may change to cloudy. So, weather can change any time, it depends on atmospheric variables such as humidity, temperature, wind speed and direction, pressure, cloudiness, and precipitation. Now, let’s move on to the climate.

Climate is the characteristic state of the atmosphere, it is defined at a specific location or in a region. climate is the average of the day-to-day weather over a long term. In short, climate is the entirety of weather over the long period. 

More technically, climate is a statistical characterization of the relevant quantities in terms of mean, peak, and variability over a longer period of time. This time period can range from a few months to decades or thousands of years. According to the World Meteorological Organization, the average classical period of these variables is 30 years. Actually, the relevant quantities are the weather elements such as temperature, pressure, clouds, precipitation and wind. In short, you can say that climate is the average of weather over 30 years.

Elements of weather and climate

Weather is the state of the atmosphere at a particular time and place that includes many elements. If we measure and observe these weather elements at specified intervals of time (generally 30 years), we will get the climate of that specific region.

weather and climate are combinations of the same atmospheric variables, called the elements of weather and climate. These elements define the atmosphere conditions of a specific region. The following are the elements or parts of weather and climate:

  • Solar radiation
  • air temperature
  • air pressure
  • humidity
  • Wind speed and direction
  • clouds
  • precipitation
  • visibility

Difference between weather and climate

As we discussed, Weather is the state of the atmosphere found at any given geographical location at a given time. The state of the atmosphere varies several times a day. Weather actually tells about the current condition of the atmosphere at a given location.

On the other hand, Climate is the average of weather. It is determined by studying the Characteristics of weather elements for at least 30 years. Factors influencing climate are latitude, altitude from sea level, distribution of land and water, distance from sea etc.

Both weather and climate depend on geographical location.

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