What is Biosphere

The biosphere is a specific sphere or domain of the Earth system that includes all living organisms. It includes every life from giant whales to bacteria.

The term Biosphere was first coined by Eduard Seuss. However, The concept of Biosphere was first formulated in 1926 by Vladimir Vernadsky in his book “The biosphere”. Biosphere is sometimes referred to as the Ecosphere.

Definition of biosphere

  • According to Vladimir Vernadsky, Biosphere is a self-regulating system, including living components as well as non-living components.
  • Biosphere is a specific envelope of the Earth system, comprising all living organisms on Earth, and all parts of Earth where life exists, from bottom of the ocean to the upper atmosphere.

The biosphere is 10 km deep within the ocean, and up to 10 km above the sea level. The Biosphere isĀ  approximately 20 km thick, which is very thin compared to other spheres of the earth system. Earth is the only planet where biosphere existence has been found. So, the biosphere is a unique layer.

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