Sulfur dioxide: major pollutant countries, sources, and effects

Out of the total sulfur in the air, 99 % sulfur cause is human activities. Globally, India is no. 1 country which produces pollutant sulfur dioxide. Out of the total sulfur put in the air globally, India alone produces 15% of sulfur dioxide. After that, countries such as Russia, China, Mexico, Iran, Saudia Arabia, and South Africa are the main ones producing SO2.

Sources of sulfur dioxide:

  1. Burning of the coal used in the thermal power plants
  2. Burning of any other fuel
  3. Released in the air by industries
  4. Steamer, locomotive engine, and the furnace which is filtered the raw metal are also sources of the SO2.
  5. volcano explosion also threw out the gases and particles in the air Which may contain the sulfur dioxide.

Effects of so2 on our body

  1. SO2 affect the nose, throat, and the lungs during breathing.
  2. sometimes SO2 causes store waste in the lungs. Because of this, lung efficiency is reduced over a long time.
  3. Headache can occur if SO2 is constantly inhaled for a few minutes.
  4. The irritation in eyes, damage in the breathing tube, diseases of hearts, influence the digestion system, etc may occur due to the continuous contact of SO2.

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