How to deal with earthquake?

The impact of earthquakes usually occurs over a very wide area. Earthquakes are a hazard that is not possible to predict. Most of the deaths during earthquakes are due to the collapse of buildings.

The Earthquake preparation can be divided in three categories: Advance preparation,  What to do during an earthquake, and What to do after an earthquake.

Examples Of advance preparation of earthquake

  • Educate yourself and everyone else about the earthquake.
  • Keep emergency telephone numbers.
  • Keep information about how and when to dial the telephone number.
  • Avoid storing heavy items on high shelves.
  • Investigate and Repair the weak electrical wiring and gas pipe connections immediately. because They have a potential risk of fire. And also Repair deep cracks in the roof.
  • Be aware of such places in your home where you take shelter during an earthquake.
  • Select a homesite that is not near a steep hill and make sure your home meets local building codes.
  • keep batteries, first aid kit, first aid manual, foods, freshwater, and needed medicines.

What to do during an earthquake?

Keep in mind that some earthquakes are actually pre-tremors and a large earthquake may occur later. Most of the deaths in an earthquake are caused by falling walls, glass pieces, and falling objects.

How to deals with earthquake?

  • If you are in a building, use a strong object like a heavy table for shelter, that can protect you from falling heavy objects. If you do not find such objects, then Cover your face and head with your arms and stand leaning in the inner corner of the building.
  • If you are outside, then go to the open space and make a safe distance from the utility poles, road, and the building.
  • Turn off the gas, water and electricity supply.
  • If you are driving then stop immediately and stay inside the vehicle. Avoid stopping vehicles near the utility pole and building, on the bridge, near trees, and on the strip road.
  • Listen to the radio for information and any government instructions.

What to do after an earthquake?

  • Investigate the gas leakage.  Check for damage to the electrical wiring. Also check sewage and water pipelines for damages.
  • Immediately clean up spilled bleach, gasoline or other flammable liquids.
  • If you live in coastal areas, be aware of possible tsunamis and listen to local news.

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