How are hurricanes classified? | Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Damage-Potential scale

A hurricane is a tropical storm with wind speed above 120 km. In other words, hurricanes are more intense tropical storms that mostly occur caribbean Sea and North Atlantic.Most devastating parts of the hurricane are floods.

How are hurricanes classified?

A hurricane is classified on the Saffir-Simpson five point damage scale that assigns numbers 1 through 5.  In 1971, engineer Herbert Saffir and Robert Simpson invented a five point scale that rated a hurricane. The full name of this five point scale is  Saffir-Simpson hurricane damage-potential scale. On a five points rating scale, 1 is the weakest hurricane and 5 is the strongest hurricane.

This scale assigns numbers according to hurricane wind speed and damage caused by the hurricane.

The purpose of making this scale was to help disaster agencies.

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