Food waste: impact on greenhouse and climate change

The wasting of food affects the environment and human both. However, the change in the environment such as climate change is directly affecting the human. So, let talk about food waste and its effect on the environment in detail.

Greenhouse gases and climate change

  Any gas which increases the temperature of the earth by absorbing the solar radiation is called a greenhouse gas. These gases maintain the temperature of the earth.

 but nowadays the emission of greenhouse gases are increasing in the atmosphere. Due to this, the temperature of the earth is increasing and we can see a serious effect like climate change.

Food waste

Every day, The lacs tones of food are thrown in the form of waste. On the other hand, many people are malnourished due to a lack of food. In 2018, around 80 crore people were suffering from severe malnutrition.

Food waste, climate chnge and food waste
Estimated food waste

Approximately 8 to 10% of greenhouse gas was emitted due to thrown waste foods in between 2010 to 2016. In 2006 to 2015, average 1.5 degree Celsius temperature had been increased on the earth.

In the food market, waste foods are thrown and these waste contribute to increasing greenhouse gas. During food production, the unnecessary product is considered as waste.

This year, The emission of greenhouse gases will be the same amount of 49 billion tons of carbon dioxide.

The change in climate

       Today, as food waste contributes to increasing greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, there will be a serious concern in the future as a climate change.

The effects of climate change

  •  Due to the change in climate, the average temperature will increase on the earth. Due to climate change, the average temperature of the Indian continent will increase from 1.7 degree to 2.2 degree in the next decade.
  • Famine, the storms, and hot waves are now becoming normal.
  • effect on the food chain, Sudden change in weather, and natural disaster being seen.
  • The melting of glaciers will increase the sea level.

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