9 interesting facts about Rain

when cloud formation takes place, the water droplets fall on earth. It is called rain. But there are some unusual facts about the rain you should know. Let’s see some common, some unusual, and interesting facts about rain.

1. highest recorded rainfall

The highest rainfall was recorded in Cherrapunji between August 1860 to August 1861. Cherrapunji is located in the Meghalaya state of India. However, Mawsynram is the wettest place on the earth with an average of 11.87 m rainfall per year. Mawsynram is about 15 km away from Cherrapunji.

2. Yellow-colored rain

On 14 February 1870, there was yellow rain fell in Genoa, Italy. The yellow color was due to the particles of cobalt blue, fungal spores, pearly corpuscles, and microscopic planktonic organisms.

Another yellow rain event occurred on 27 February 1877 in Pecklon, Germany. This rain was golden-yellow in color and containing coffee beans, horns, and tiny particles.

3. The driest place on earth

In Atacama Desert of Chile, Arica is the place that receives an average of 1 mm rainfall per year. Surprisingly, the Atacama Desert did not receive rain for 14 consecutive years. The Atacama Desert is arid because it is blocked by the Pacific coast ranges on one side and Andes on the other side.

4. Red rain

   The red-colored rain fell over the southern parts of England and Wales between 21 and 23 February 1903. This color is due to the red soil that came from the Sahara.

Between 25 July to 23 September 2001, another red rain event occurred in the Kerala state of India. The scientist believes that red color was due to aerial spores of green microalgae.

5. Black rain

On 14 January 1862, a rain shower of ink-like drops fell in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. Some scientists believe that it’s occurred due to the eruption of the volcano Vesuvius in Italy. However, the actual cause of black rain is still unknown.

6. The unusual rain        

 In 1892 an electrical engineer noticed unusual rain at the place Cordoba, Spain. He noticed as raindrops hit the ground, they crackled and emitted sparks of lights.

7. Rain without clouds

There have been many incidents of rain without clouds. In 1925, a weather watcher saw a cloudless shower in Bovisand, England.  Another incident of rain fell without clouds that occurred in 1935 at Benson, Oxfordshire, England.

8. Wettest days on earth

Most rainfall was recorded within 24 hours at Foc-Foc, La Reunion located in the Indian ocean. The recorded rainfall between 6 to 7 January 1966 was 71.8 inches.

9. Rain of fishes

There are many incidents have come out that fishes fall from the sky. Honduras, located near Mexico, has been raining fish for the last 100 years. The reason for such rain is the tornado that carries the fishes with it.

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